The Busiest Days At The Airport This Summer

What is the best pieces of advice for this summer when you tend to travel more: get to the airport a little early! According to Airlines for America, about 9 million more passengers than last year are planning to fly on vacation this summer. the travel season starts on June 1st, and ends August 31st, with Airline advocacy groups estimating a whopping 246.1 million passengers will take flight in that period of time. However, even though they are bigger crowds, it is possible to calmly travel to your destination if you know which days to avoid.


This travel craziness starts during Memorial Day weekend when an estimated 3.1 million Americans will head to the airport around the country and travel somewhere for the holiday weekend. There are some airports that can expect even more traffic and weekend delays of up to a total 1 hour. Those airports include Washington Dulles Airport, Philadelphia Airport, LaGuardia Airport, as well as New York's JFK Airport. Those who want to avoid crowds should avoid booking flights on Thursdays and Fridays when airports are always at their most crowded.


Over the last four years, the three Thursdays following the 4th of July are the most absolutely crowded days at the airport and days you should avoid if you want to travel with ease. In 2018, those days are July 5th, 12th, and 19th. If you can avoid these travel days more. Well there is a chance that this increased travel traffic won't be as nasty as it sounds, the TSA has beefed up security and added more agents to speed up your experience. A great way to speed up that experience even more is to go ahead and get TSA PreCheck. The TSA PreCheck line is usually much, much shorter than the regular security line to get into the airport. Another great way to avoid lengthy waits in the line, is to pack efficiently. This means making sure that all of your liquids in your carry-on are in one quart Ziploc baggie and placed within reach to easily take out when going through security.


Another way to get through lines quicker: book a flight with an airline that allows you to check your bags. The less you have to carry it through security, the less of a line you're going to have to go through. That also means the last time you spend in security because you won't be fumbling about trying to get your laptop out, your tablet out, as well as your phone, and your liquids, all while taking your shoes off and everything else in between. Airlines like

Southwest make it super easy for travelers to check bags because of the fact that they allow you to check two bags with no additional cost. That's a great savings when it comes to Summer travel and trying to do it on the cheap.If you want your flights for even less, you should also check the link above in order to save up to 70% off the retail price. No matter what days you decide to travel this summer if you follow this advice you will definitely avoid the crowds at the airports.